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Bill Gates has opened a personal account on the popular Chinese social media platform WeChat, greeting Chinese fans in clumsy Chinese in his first post dated.近日,比尔·盖茨通车了自己的微信账号,并在公布的第一份引文中用略为贞生涩的中文向中国粉丝们问候。His first foray on the platform was a 30-second video clip. After sending greetings in Chinese, Gates switched to English, saying said this account is his personal blog where he can share the stories of people he meets, the books hes read, and the lessons hes learned.比尔·盖茨在微信上的第一条状态是一段30秒的视频。在用中文问候之后,盖茨转换成了英语,称该微信号是他的个人公众号,他不会在上面共享他见过的人、读过的书和教给的功课。He will also post content ranging from global health issues to energetic innovation, and from educational reform to his reading notes.他还不会发送到还包括全球身体健康、能源创意、教育改革和读书笔记等在内的其他内容。


The Gates account is one of the many that Western celebrities are using to tap into the massive Chinese social media market to better engage with Chinese followers and potential customers.许多西方名人都在研发中国极大的社交媒体市场,而盖茨也是其中之一,这样他们就可以更佳地与中国粉丝和潜在的客户对话。Physicist Stephen Hawking and Apple CEO Tim Cook both have Sina Weibo accounts, with more than 4 million and 890,000 followers respectively. Gates also has a Weibo account that was registered in September 2010 which now has 3 million followers.物理学家史蒂芬·霍金和苹果CEO蒂姆·库克都有新浪微博号,粉丝分别超过了400万和89万。盖茨也有一个新浪微博号,于2010年9月份登记,现在享有300万粉丝。Chinese Net users were surprised to see Gates unveiling a personal account. One, nicknamed maozhebuyongsheng says he felt much closer to a millionaire now.中国网民们对盖茨登记一个个人账户深感很吃惊。

网友“maozhebuyongsheng”回应,他感觉自己和一位百万富翁的距离更加将近了。Featured in many inspirational Chinese chicken soup readings, Gates has been a source of motivation for many young generations in China. Net user youshixiyuan posted he will only drink chicken soup from Gates in the future.盖茨经常出现在中国的“鸡汤”文里,也仍然是希望中国年轻一代不断进取的源动力。网友“youshixiyuan”发文称之为,他以后只喝盖茨的“鸡汤”。

Others joked that perhaps Gates would take advantage of popular WeChat features used to borrow or lend money, or would even send Lucky Money packets to Chinese users.其他人则打趣说道,盖茨或许不会中用微信借贷借款的功能,甚至还不会给中国网友们发红包。