Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso and Leonardo da Vinci … the art world has never lacked talent. And now, a new painter is ready to join the list, although this one isn’t even human.毕加索、毕加索、约·芬奇……艺术界从来不补优秀人才。而现如今,一名新的美术家即将重进这一队伍,虽然这名美术家乃至并不是人们。Next month, auction house Christie’s Prints and Multiples will make history by offering the first piece of art created by artificial intelligence for sale. The painting is a portrait of a man called Edmond De Belamy, and is expected to be sold for up to $10,000 (69,000 yuan).佳士得拍卖行的“Prints and Multiples”交易会主题活动将于下个月建构历史时间,售卖首幅由人工智能技术(AI)写作的画作。该画作是一位起名叫爱德蒙·贝拉米的男子的人像画,定价达到1万美元(折合6900零元rmb)。

The work, which features a man with a mysterious look on his face, was created by software developed by the French art group Obvious. Laugero-Lasserre, an art collector from France, called the work “grotesque and amazing at the same time”. This isn’t the first example of AI-produced artwork, as AI has already been used to write poems and compose songs. However, many people doubt whether it should be called art at all.所绘中男子的昏暗神情由荷兰艺术团队Obvious 所产品研发的手机软件写作而出。来源于荷兰的艺术鉴赏家Laugero-Lasserre 称作这幅画作“荒诞派却又难以置信”。这并不是AI写作的第一个艺术著作,此前AI早就被作为写诗编曲。

殊不知,许多人都指责这种著作否理应称之为艺术。According to Russian writer Leo Tolstroy (1828-1910), art is about creating emotion. It’s “a means of … joining people together in the same feelings”, he once said.俄罗斯作家列夫·托尔斯泰强调,艺术取决于建构感情,是“一种将具有完全一致觉得的大家摆满在一起的方法,”他曾这般说。So, if the emotion behind art is what makes it, the ability to create and use tools is what makes human beings different from other species. And as a tool itself, the AI technology used to create the portrait is the result of a lot of effort made by several designers. Together, they “fed” the AI a huge collection of paintings from the 14th to the 18th centuries, until it was able to work out how to make similar paintings of its own.因而,如果是艺术身后的感情建构了艺术,那麼建构并用以专用工具的才可以更是人们如出一辙别的种群之处。

而做为一种专用工具,作为建构这一人像画的AI技术性是多名室内设计师花销很多期待生产制造出带的成效。她们协同在AI系统软件中輸出了很多14-18世纪的画作,最终令其其必须自我约束所绘制有类似的画作。The introduction of AI art could be the beginning of a new artistic movement. However, not everyone is ready to welcome these high-tech artists just yet.AI艺术的引进或许不容易沦落一场全新升级艺术健身运动的开始。

殊不知,如今并不是任何人都能拒不接受这种新科技艺术家。“The human mind is what’s behind the AI technology. And the human mind is not a cold, hard fact,” Oscar Schwartz, a professor of AI, said during a TedX Sydney speech. “Rather, it is something that’s created with our opinions and something that changes over time.”“AI技术性的身后是人们的头脑。

但人们的头脑并不是由冰冷的真理的客观性组成,”AI专家教授奥斯卡奖·施瓦辛在一场TedX Sydney的演讲讲到。“只是由大家的见解及其不容易伴随着时间流逝而产生变化的事情所组成。