HONG KONG (AP) — Hong Kong on Saturday opened a new high-speed rail link to inland China that will vastly decrease travel times but also raises concerns about Beijing’s creeping influence over the semi-autonomous Chinese region.香港(路透社)——周六,香港全线通车了一条通往中国国内的新高铁动车,这将大大缩短大家的上班时间,但也造成了大家对北京市对这一半自治权地域的知名度逐渐加强的焦虑。Costing upward of $10 billion and taking more than eight years to build, the system aims to transport more than 80,000 passengers daily between the Asian financial center of 7 million people and the neighboring manufacturing hub of Guangdong province.该系统软件耗资100亿美金,用时八年多才完工,总体目标是在具有七百万人口数量的亚洲地区金融业中心和位于的加工制造业中心广东中间每日载运8三万名旅客。The train travels the 26 kilometers (16 miles) through Hong Kong to Shenzhen across the border in China in just 14 minutes, down from about 1 hour currently. The through-train to Guangdong’s capital Guangzhou will take just over half an hour, about 90 minutes faster than current service.该路线香港到深圳市段,全过程26千米(16公里),只需14分鐘,而先前务必1小时上下,至广州市将只需一个半多钟头,比现阶段的火车慢九十分钟。


Once across the border, passengers can link up with Chinese sprawling nationwide high-speed rail network serving more than 44 destinations, including Shanghai, Beijing and the western city of Xi’an.火车一旦入境就可与中国丰厚的全国高铁网相互连接,可约国内逾44个网站,还包含上海市、北京市和中西部城市西安市。Passengers will clear Chinese immigration at the line’s newly built West Kowloon terminus, the source of major legal controversy when it was revealed that mainland Chinese law would apply within roughly one-quarter of the station’s area.旅客将在新的完工的西九龙终点过关。先前有报道称作,中国内地法律法规将仅限于于该终点约四分之一的地区,这一信息造成了全局性法律法规异议。

A sign reading China Immigration Inspection is displayed on the ground in the Mainland Port Area at West Kowloon Station, which houses the terminal for the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link (XRL) in Hong Kong, Saturday, Sept. 22, 2018. (Giulia Marchi/Pool Photo via AP)20189月22日星期六,在香港甚广深港慢线(XRL)终点西九龙地铁站,内地临港的路面上说明着“边境线祗检地区”的标志,西九龙地铁站为香港高铁的香港终点。